Sunday, February 26, 2012

All 4 babies!

So, after a very long day yesterday, I was "invited" to a movie in the boys' room. We all snuggled up under the quilt. Caleb even got a pillow for the baby. Eli "snuggled my back", Isaac put his head by my belly, to be "by the baby" and Caleb snuggled beside me and played with my hair. I said, " I love snuggling with all 3 of my babies." They said, "It's all 4." I of course said as teared up, "You're right I have all 4 of my babies here." We are all realizing that our life is forever changed!

It is not often that they still let me call them babies, and it will not be too much longer that I get invites to snuggle, so I am cherishing every second I have with them. I am blessed beyond measure!!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hold on baby!!!

So, last week we had a little scare.  Our bundle of joy started showing herself a little early.  When we were pregnant with the boys, we expected early labor.  We were told early on, that it was part of the deal with multiples.  However, we were really thinking that with just one, we would last 36-40 weeks without a problem.  After all, the boys did a pretty good job stretching out the living space for her.  However, our little princess is already showing off.  Needless to say, we were a little nervous.  The good news is that it wasn't "real labor" and we got to come home that evening.  The bad news is that the "Mommy instincts" kicked into high gear, and I nearly went off the deep end over the weekend.  The sudden fear hit me that we will soon have a baby and have made no arrangements for one in our home.  Sure, we are totally prepared to love our baby more than words can explain, we just don't have a place for her to sleep at the moment. 

So, after many hormonal tears, and a long night's sleep, my hero, Jamie, came up with a plan to make our tiny house of about 1,000 square feet work for our family of 6.  As usall, he saved the day.  After talking with the boys, we are going to change the play room into our nursery.  The boys will get a new bed.  The bunk beds will be temporarily gone; they weren't being used anyway.  After all these years, they still end up in the same twin bed every night.  So, the boys get a new big bed and a tv in their room.  They think they won the lottery.

So, this weekend, project nursery begins.  I'm so proud that my boys are starting to get excited and are willing to help with everything.

In the meantime, I am trying to take it easy and get our girl to cooperate. She is apparently like everyone else in this family impatient.  She just needs to hang in there a while longer, at least until she had a bed. ;)