Monday, March 12, 2012

Diva in the making!!!

31weeks photo

5.5 lbs, and chubby cheeks. What a cutie already!

I will praise you in this storm...

So, I heard a great sermon and song yesterday at church, and it really made me think. I've been doing that a lot lately.
All the pictures and stories from the recent tornadoes close to our home made me realize even more how blessed we are. During the midst of the destruction, I see people thankful for escaping with only their lives. Some of them only escaped with their lives. They lost EVERYTHING else, but had their family.
Last week, we had a tough week. Have we had worse weeks? Sure but in the scheme of things, last week was a real stinker. We were all sick with the stomach flu. We had a very hectic week planned, most of which was cancelled. Jamie had a kidney stone, and had to go to the ER on Friday. It was just a mess. But at the weeks end, I surveyed the damage and I thought, this is nothing. This is just "stuff". I was truly thankful that even with the stomach flu, the baby continued to flourish, even weighing in a little heavy for her age. Jamie only had a kidney stone, nothing serious, he might disagree. Every piece of bedding in my house probably needed to be cleaned anyway. In spite of our mini-storm, I have so many reasons to be thankful.
I started taking some stock. First, my boys are each day falling in love with Hannah. We even pray for her by name now. They talk about what things they are willing to do to take care of her. Caleb is obsessed to know every detail of how she will be born. Isaac made a contract tonight saying that he would be in charge of her from 9-1. He even signed it in cursive. Eli wants to know which brother will be her best friend. Jamie is over the moon for her. However, I can already see the worry in his eyes. She got her first mini-skirt and bikini today. He said that will be her first and last, they are much too revealing for his I have the generosity, love, and support of friends and family.
My family is blessed beyond all measure!!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

A name at last

So, we have struggled to decide on a name for the baby for months. I think in part because we were trying to get 5 people to agree on something important. We can't even agree on dinner. Why I thought this would be easy, I have no idea. It hasn't helped that everyone has an opinion on names as well, and they have all shared.
I would recommend to anyone having a baby to keep the name quiet until the day you have the baby. No one would dare say a bad word about the name after it has already been given.
That being said, we have decided on Hannah. Before I knew I was pregnant with triplets, we had already decided that a girl's name would be Hannah. So, I guess it's been Hannah for over 8 years, we have just been waiting on her arrival. Now, to decide on a middle name.... I am hoping that will happen before before she gets here. However, until that day, mums the word. I'm sure you will love it! ;)