Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Over half-way there!

So, we are over half-way there.  It seems like we just found out we are going to have another baby yesterday, and yet, here we are.  We went to the Dr. today and had awesome news.  Everything is looking great.  All the important "stuff" is there and working perfectly.  We are still thinking it is a girl.  We can't get the clearest view, but we've had 2 decent views, and both look like team pink.  Of course, Caleb is still holding out for a boy.  He will not give up. 

I am just thrilled to know that everything is going well.  This has truly been a miracle.  It will also be a miracle if we can ever agree on a name.  I'm thinking she may spend her first days as baby girl Campbell.  Jamie sweetly refers to her as Hadley, Ramey, Hannah, Elizabeth Campbell.  Who knows, we may not use any of those.  We still have some time, right?  The truth is if the second half of this pregnancy goes anything like the first, she'll be here before we know it ;)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

I've been the only one up now for the last hour.  Sitting in a house with only the glow of the tree and the Mac lighting up the room.  Tonya and the boys are out and the house is so very quiet.  I see people comment on the video that I posted and I realize what great people that I am associated with.

My last Christmas as a family of five.  Next year, a family of six.  Here is a quick list of how things will be different next year!

1.  Instead of this quiet house, I'll be feeding or diapering my 6 month old baby girl!  OHHH YEAH!

2.  All ornaments on the bottom foot of the tree will be non existent.  They will be moved up so she is not grabbing!  ;)

3.  My boys will be NINE...Their last year under double digits!  BOOOOOO!

4.  As some begin to figure out Santa...one will just be realizing it!  :)

5.  SNOW!  (A boy can wish!)

6.  I will be the Canasta and Poker "King of the World!"

Now for a list of things that will be the same!

1.  I will still be as good looking as I always am (or better possibly!)

2.  Tonya will still be hot!

3.  I will refuse to let sadness or bitterness ruin Christmas!  Laughter will always rule!

4.  We will still try to convince the kids that Santa loves it when they sleep in until 10am!

5.  (Last but NOT LEAST)  We will remind our children that Christ was born so we may live, my WHOLE  family will realize that I love them beyond recognition, and I will not fail to ensure Santa always has a place at the Campbell house to stop for Coke and Cookies!

To those that read this, Merry Christmas and (if possible) may God bless you more than he has us!

-Daddy  ;)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm gonna be a girl daddy!

I love my boys!  I really do.  I was content thinking I was gonna grow up having this brood of boys that sat on the couch, watches football, eat Cheetos, and burp.  However, last week that all changed.  Honestly, I couldn't be happier.  I truthfully have no idea what I'm getting into.  I don't have any sisters and I never really was around alot of girls growing up, so my experience with girls is limited (insert joke here).

I am really excited though!  I'm excited to let her wrap me around her finger.  I'm excited for her to sass me.  I'm excited to see her pouty eyes.  I'm excited to hear voice sing as beautifully as her mother.

However,  most of all, I'm excited for Tonya.  I always felt bad that she has all of these boys to put up with.  She really is a girly girl.  She loves to do hair, paint nails, do make-up, and all those other things that us boys like.  Until now, I was sad that she never really got the opportunity to do it.  Not now!  Now, mini Tonya is on her way.

Set up another throne...the princess will be arriving soon...and I CAN'T WAIT!