Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Least

This week, we had the pleasure of camping with some family and dear friends.  It was Hannah's first camping trip.  Although my shoulder was still hurting, and I was very hesitant to believe that Hannah could do it, we did it.  Hannah did marvelous, the boys had a blast, and my shoulder is slowly, but surely getting better.  I'll post some pictures if I can get around to it. 

Now, on to the important part of the blog.....I saw the most amazing thing.  We camped with Plum Grove church.  On Saturday night, a crazy game of kids verses parents tenni-ball wall was started.  For those of you new to the sport, it is just baseball played with a tennis ball.  Into the first inning, a few campground stragglers wandered up and wanted to join.  They were of course invited to join in the fun.

In the second inning, we had another visitor.  A young man with down-syndrome named Jay walked up and grabbed the bat.  No one asked him to join, he didn't ask for permission, he just grabbed the bat.  You might think the kids would say something but not a word was spoken, the kids just pitched the ball.  The little girl pitching threw probably 40 pitches while everyone cheered him on.  He never got a hit, so some very crafty men managed to create a hit for him.  He ran the bases for a home-run, everyone cheered,and all was right in the world  It was easy to see that he needed some help.

So, now for the best part.  When it was his turn to take the field, he asked to pitch.  Of course he was allowed.  The first batter came to the plate, 5 year-old Carson.  Jay wound up like a major league pitcher.  You could see all the parents cringe, because we just knew that Carson was going to get hit with the tennis ball.  However, that big wind up ended in a beautiful lob right across the plate where Carson had a great hit.  There was a huge collective sigh of relief.  Jay went on to pitch to several more kids with the same expertise.  Then, at the plate comes 4 year old Gavin.  Jay pitches well over a dozen pitches, and Gavin fails to make a hit.  I look up to see Jay scoot up to Gavin, crouch down, and perfect the slowest lob right over the plate.  It is the perfect pitch for a 4 year old.  Jay pitches about 8-10 more pitches and Gavin still doesn't have a hit.

So, what happens next, brought tears to my eyes.  Jay walks over to Gavin takes off his glove and begins coaching him.  He kneels down, places Gavin's hands of the bat, tells him to choke up on the bat and watch the ball.  He even double-checks his hand placement on the bat, gives Gavin a pat and a thumbs-up and walks back to the pitchers mound.  Now honestly, Jay's speech was terrible.  I'm not sure Gavin understood a word that he said, but he got the point with the gestures.  Most importantly, Gavin felt encouraged.  So, wouldn't you know it just a few more pitches, and Gavin nailed the ball.  Of course, he got a home-run.

I was reminded of a very important lesson on Saturday.  See, everyone needs a little help and encouragement every now and again.  The question is, will we be smart enough to recognize it like Jay did, and brave enough to do something about it.  Most people would say that Jay was lacking in so many ways.  I recognize that he has some pretty special needs, but I think he has a clear vision of the big picture.

"And the King will say, "I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!"  Matthew 25:40 NLT

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day

I didn't realize that Jamie was also blogging tonight, but as they say.... great minds. 

Well, tomorrow is Father's Day.  It is a very special day at our house.  The cards are made, the plans are all discussed, we are all ready for the day.  The boys are anxiously awaiting the morning.

I was just sitting here, watching Jamie rock Hannah, and thinking about how blessed to have him as my husband and father of my children.  

Now, I don't want you to start believing that he is perfect.  I mean, he still breathes too loud, leaves his socks in the floor, and only remembers the last item of a list, but other than that, he's pretty great.  Really...... he is a great husband to me and the best Daddy to our kids.  They adore him, and it's easy to see why.  He is so involved with them.  I hear friends say, " I wish my husband would help more with the kids."  I can't say that.  He does just as much with the kids as I do. 

I can remember the first time I was away from the boys.  Someone said, are you sure he can handle it.  I just laughed because truthfully, he handles it better than me.  He just loves them up and takes everything in stride.  When he stayed home with the boys and I was working, I never had to worry about a thing.  Yes, I might come home and the house would be a mess.  What do you expect with 3 one year old boys???  But you could bet that I would come home to 3 happy boys that enjoyed their Daddy!  Now that Hannah is here, it is no different, he is so involved.  We argue over who gets to do things for her.

Jamie is always doing something with the kids.  He's always playing a game, reading a book to them, rocking one, snuggling one, or just talking with them about their day.  It is so easy to see why they are excited to have him as thier Dad and anxious to shower him with their love tomorrow.

I am blessed to have him in my life and I'm thankful everyday for him.  Happy Father's Day!!!!We love you!!!!

Father's Day!

Anyone that knows me well knows that this week hasn't really be a 10 on the awesome scale.  Something that I really wanted and really was excited for just didn't happen.  To say that it hurt was an understatement, but I'm convinced that everything happens for a reason.  However, this whole situation has made me reflect and has me energized about what's really important.

As you know Father's Day is tomorrow and I'm absolutely blessed to be able to have four wonderful kids.  I really do enjoy just being with my kids.  I love going out and playing baseball with the boys, rocking Hannah to sleep, or wrestling with the boys in their room.  I see them grow up right before my eyes and it scares me to think that in two years the boys will be 10, then 16, 18, 21....way too soon!

Tonight as I was playing baseball with them I started thinking.  I want my boys and Hannah to want to be like me.  I want them to say, "I want to play with my kids because my Dad did with me."  I want to be the example for my family.  I need Tonya and the kids to realize that they are the very most important thing to me.  I want to be the Little League coach, the basketball coach, the front yard homerun hitter, and the baby rocker.

I want this because my dad is that to me.  I've told several people that my hero is easily my Dad.  I've never met a person that absolutely loved his family like he does.  I truly believe that he would do anything for us and loves it when we are near.  I also love to see how his face lights up when he sees my kids and how he tells me he loves me every time I hang up with him.  I love how Dad laughs, how people think that he's a "celebrity", and how is quietly concerned about everything.

I want my kids to be like me, because I want to be like my dad. 

Jobs aren't that important...being a Dad is!

 Happy Father's Day Rick Campbell!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The little things

I had the best evening yesterday.  After dinner, Jamie and I put Hannah in the stroller, and took a walk around the block.  The boys rode their bikes along beside us.  After that, I came back and sat on my swing, rocked Hannah and watched a riveting wiffle-ball game.  You're right folks, I have it made.  No, my life isn't perfect, but it is pretty close.  I have 4 healthy children that are growing like weeds, the love of a man that I adore, and everything else I need.
As I read posts on facebook about sick kids, families breaking apart, and true financial strain, I realize just how blessed I am.  Yes, I still say daily that we need more space, and at least 10 other things, but the truth is we don't NEED anything.  We have each other, GOD, and all the basics.  As I sat there on the porch last night, I just counted my blessings.  It really is the little things.....maybe they aren't so little after all.