Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bittersweet Blessings.....

Today was a new school year at the Campbell house, and of course we had a lot of "new" things.  We all had new haircuts, new shoes, new clothes, new pencils...... at least the boys did.  What was completely new was that we left from a new house to a new school.  It felt so strange to travel a different way. 

For the first time ever, the boys were not with Jamie at school.  We made the decision to move them to Charles Russell this year.  They had such a wonderful day....just as I knew they would.  I don't think that Jamie loved it as much.  Not that you see your kids a lot during the school day even if you are a tacher.  However, it is such a comfort to know they aren't far away. 

Thinking about all these new firsts and my kids growing up got me a little sappy.  So, last night as I was getting ready for bed, I was getting ready to complain about summer being too short and not wanting to go back to school.  I was thinking of all the things I hoped to accomplish and didn't.  I was thinking about all the missed opportunities and felt a little pitiful.  That lasted all of 2 minutes.

As I scrolled through facebook, I saw a post from a girl I went to high school with.  Her daughter passed away last year.  She made a comment that it felt so strange to only get one child ready to start school.  It nearly broke my heart to think about all those missed milestones. 

So, I decided to instead remember my blessings...... 

Yes, it nearly cost a fortune to buy school supplies, clothes, haircuts etc. for 3 growing boys, but I'm blessed with the money to do it. 

Yes, I had to leave Hannah all day, but I'm blessed with 2 grandparents that love her and spoil her that keep her while I work. 

Yes, my boys are in the 4th grade this year and time does seem to be speeding by, but I'm blessed to be able to take all 3 of my healthy boys to school this year. 

Yes, I was disappointed that Jamie didn't get a job as a principal this summer, but he is blessed with a job where he is impacting the lives of kiddos each day. 

Yes, I hate waking up early and would love to be in my pajamas at 10 AM, but I'm blessed that I have a job that I love and friends at work that I enjoy!  I just wish it was around 11AM :)

Bittersweet blessings?  Maybe just BLESSINGS!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A little help from my friends....

Truthfully, I'm not really good with problems I can't fix on my own. Actually, if I'm completely honest, I'm  terrible with problems like that. See, I know my limitations, or at least most if them. I just really hate being reminded of them. I like working things out. I absolutely hate it when I can't be part if the solution. That's where I am. Right now, at this point of my life, I'm sitting here with some big problems that I can't fix. I may even be making them worse. Few feelings are worse than that in my book. I'm a fixer, planner, doer by nature. I'm having to sit back, wait, and ask for help. I'm really not a fan if any of those things. I'm beginning to see a pattern.... I'm beginning to think that I'm supposed to be learning something in the midst if this mess. Hummmm.... I wonder if I'll get it;)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Hannah Lessons

I've been home with Hannah and the boys this week on spring break. We usually travel, but we are trying to pinch pennies for the house buying mission. We have also house shopped and done all those adult activities. We made an offer today, and I must admit, I'm scared and so excited!
Well, I've been watching the kiddos very closely and have learned so much from them, especially Hannah. Trust me, I would need a book to tell you all the things the boys have taught me.

Let's stick to the top 10 things I learned from Hannah this week. First of all, I can't believe how much she has changed in just 11 short months. But, especially the last few weeks. These are my Hannah lessons. They are relevant to my life and probably yours.
They are:
1. Learn at least one new thing each day. She seems to be doing even more, but at my age, I'm thinking one is sufficient:)
2. When someone leaves, treat them as though you may never see them again. You know, say bye-bye, give them plenty of kisses, and acknowledge that you love them.
3. Naps are a good thing. They can really improve a mood.
4. There is always time for a quick snuggle, kiss, and smile.
5. When you hear music, dance. I must admit, I keep playing the hotdog song just to see her wiggle. Totally adorable!
6. Laugh uncontrollably at the silly things.
7. When someone says you do a good job, stop and enjoy it. Hannah even claps!
8. Be cautious of strangers. It's alright to be friendly at a distance but if they invade your comfort zone, scowl at them. She is my daughter!
9. Reach out to those you love the most. She makes sure to end up in everyone's arms!
10. Hershey kisses are addictive and correct nearly every bad mood;)
That's just a few of the tidbits of wisdom this girl has shared this week. I can't wait to see what the future holds!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love of my Life

In my Iphone, you will find a listing for Love of My Life.  I know that it is corny, but we really like "corn" at our house.  I mean we had Swedish fish and cards that said I o "fish" ally love you this year.  However, it is true.  My husband is truly the love of my life.  Can he drive me nuts? Of course he can; he knows everything about me including every weakness and flaw.  Yet, he chooses to love me!  I am so blessed by him.
He asked me today if I thought Kenney Chesney was attractive, or Adam Levine?  I told him they were both very attractive men, without a doubt.  I'm not blind people.  However, my husband is really the most attractive man that I know.  I saw him this evening cook dinner while Hannah played at his feet all while singing something in the kitchen and give basketball advice to Caleb.  This is in the span of about 3 minutes.  I looked at him and thought, I wouldn't take Adam Levine right now even if he were standing at the door.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Boy mom seasons...

Well, our basketball season ended tonight, sadly. I love to watch my boys play, but I must admit basketball is my favorite. I'm from Kentucky, we come wired that way.
So, on to the next season. Yes, I know most of you are thinking spring, and although I am ready for that too, that is not the season I am talking about. See, the life of a boy mom is broken into these seasons, baseball, basketball, and football. All summer long we play baseball both on the field and in the yard. However, as soon as sign ups for football started, we began practicing a perfect spiral. I even learned to throw it "correctly" this year. Right now, when it's not freezing cold, we are hitting the hoops. Soon, I will be getting the catchers equipment out of the closet.
I know that some might hate that, but not me. That's the life of a boy mom, and I wouldn't have it another way. Now, I am wondering, what will we do when the princess decides to join in the mix with whatever she chooses, dance, softball, basketball :)

The most important lessons in Basketball....

It's no secret that I'm not John Calipari, though most will tell you that my behavior on the sideline acts more like Bobby Knight. It's also no secret that I am very passionate about the game and love to watch kids do well when they play. That aside, this year I got the absolute privilege of being around 11 of the most remarkable kids I know.

As coach of the Red team in AYBL 3/4 grade division, I was grouped with 11 kids that were each remarkable in their own way. From the first practice to the last locker room session tonight they impressed me by their willingness to be a team, to root for each other, and to truly be a good sport on and off the floor.

I'm also blessed to have had such a great group of parents to work with. Everyone was passionate and supportive of our team. Some helped coach, some kept the book, some cheered really loud and some offered advice, but all were proud of our team each time they took the floor.

More than any of this I got the opportunity to pray with each of these kids before each game. Each player participated and prayed for safety, sportsmanship, and for a great effort by both teams. If they learned these three things then they learned everything they needed to at this age. If they picked up some basketball skills too...well that's just a bonus.

Although these kids right now play on different colored teams, one day they will all be a Tomcat! That's what is important.

I'm proud of our Red team. I'm proud I could be their coach. Til next year!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The sanctity of life....

Today at our church, it was "sanctity of life" Sunday. My church collected a love offering for 2 hearts pregnancy center, and our pastor gave a sermon about the sanctity of life. See, over 50 million babies have been aborted since the passage of Roe v. Wade. It's the combined population of 25 of the United States. Wow, that's a lot of babies. Our pastor spent time today talking about life, and how God views life. He called the babies "preborn" instead of "unborn". I really like that.
He read the scripture that I've read many times that says "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. (Jeremiah 1:5 KJV)" but he talked about the word know. Christ actually intimately knows us, even in the womb. That really spoke to me. Thinking about Christ knowing us from the very second we are conceived.
I am glad that we participated in sanctity of life Sunday, but it saddens me so much that we need that day. In such a "civilized" society, with so much technology, it makes me sad to think we need a day to set aside to remember to preserve life. Watch any commercial for pregnancy tests. It says find out 2,3,4,5 days sooner if you're pregnant. We can practically find out at the moment of conception, and yet we argue over when life begins. I choose to believe that God knows them, a real person, preborn in the womb from the moment they are conceived.
See, I know what it's like to hold tiny miracles that some would consider, not yet a baby, the "preborn". I sat in the NICU beside babies born at 24 weeks. I would dare anyone to tell those parents that it was not yet a life. A family in our community had twins at just around 24 weeks just this week. One precious baby didn't make it, and they had a funeral. I'm sure they could testify that although it was a short life, it was a precious life indeed.
As some of you may know, before the boys were born, Jamie and I suffered a miscarriage. It was very early in the pregnancy, but I assure you that it was devastating to us. It was a life, known to God, us, and our families.
So, today and always, I celebrate the sanctity of life, but in my heart I will be saddened by the loss of those preborn babies that were taken too soon.