Saturday, July 27, 2013

A little help from my friends....

Truthfully, I'm not really good with problems I can't fix on my own. Actually, if I'm completely honest, I'm  terrible with problems like that. See, I know my limitations, or at least most if them. I just really hate being reminded of them. I like working things out. I absolutely hate it when I can't be part if the solution. That's where I am. Right now, at this point of my life, I'm sitting here with some big problems that I can't fix. I may even be making them worse. Few feelings are worse than that in my book. I'm a fixer, planner, doer by nature. I'm having to sit back, wait, and ask for help. I'm really not a fan if any of those things. I'm beginning to see a pattern.... I'm beginning to think that I'm supposed to be learning something in the midst if this mess. Hummmm.... I wonder if I'll get it;)

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