Monday, January 21, 2013

The most important lessons in Basketball....

It's no secret that I'm not John Calipari, though most will tell you that my behavior on the sideline acts more like Bobby Knight. It's also no secret that I am very passionate about the game and love to watch kids do well when they play. That aside, this year I got the absolute privilege of being around 11 of the most remarkable kids I know.

As coach of the Red team in AYBL 3/4 grade division, I was grouped with 11 kids that were each remarkable in their own way. From the first practice to the last locker room session tonight they impressed me by their willingness to be a team, to root for each other, and to truly be a good sport on and off the floor.

I'm also blessed to have had such a great group of parents to work with. Everyone was passionate and supportive of our team. Some helped coach, some kept the book, some cheered really loud and some offered advice, but all were proud of our team each time they took the floor.

More than any of this I got the opportunity to pray with each of these kids before each game. Each player participated and prayed for safety, sportsmanship, and for a great effort by both teams. If they learned these three things then they learned everything they needed to at this age. If they picked up some basketball skills too...well that's just a bonus.

Although these kids right now play on different colored teams, one day they will all be a Tomcat! That's what is important.

I'm proud of our Red team. I'm proud I could be their coach. Til next year!

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