Monday, January 21, 2013

Boy mom seasons...

Well, our basketball season ended tonight, sadly. I love to watch my boys play, but I must admit basketball is my favorite. I'm from Kentucky, we come wired that way.
So, on to the next season. Yes, I know most of you are thinking spring, and although I am ready for that too, that is not the season I am talking about. See, the life of a boy mom is broken into these seasons, baseball, basketball, and football. All summer long we play baseball both on the field and in the yard. However, as soon as sign ups for football started, we began practicing a perfect spiral. I even learned to throw it "correctly" this year. Right now, when it's not freezing cold, we are hitting the hoops. Soon, I will be getting the catchers equipment out of the closet.
I know that some might hate that, but not me. That's the life of a boy mom, and I wouldn't have it another way. Now, I am wondering, what will we do when the princess decides to join in the mix with whatever she chooses, dance, softball, basketball :)

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