Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love of my Life

In my Iphone, you will find a listing for Love of My Life.  I know that it is corny, but we really like "corn" at our house.  I mean we had Swedish fish and cards that said I o "fish" ally love you this year.  However, it is true.  My husband is truly the love of my life.  Can he drive me nuts? Of course he can; he knows everything about me including every weakness and flaw.  Yet, he chooses to love me!  I am so blessed by him.
He asked me today if I thought Kenney Chesney was attractive, or Adam Levine?  I told him they were both very attractive men, without a doubt.  I'm not blind people.  However, my husband is really the most attractive man that I know.  I saw him this evening cook dinner while Hannah played at his feet all while singing something in the kitchen and give basketball advice to Caleb.  This is in the span of about 3 minutes.  I looked at him and thought, I wouldn't take Adam Levine right now even if he were standing at the door.

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